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City Explorer's amazing scavenger hunt is a new and creative way to discover the city. It's fun and everyone can participate, from children to your grandparents. So leave the old fashioned tour guide behind, and start discovering the city with your loved ones in this fun and modern way! Start exploring!

We’re creative

Want to see the city's highlights but you're not sure where to start? City Explorer makes sure that all the highlights are within a reasonable travel distance from each other so you can see a lot in a small amount of time. The hunt will take you to places you don't want to miss and perhaps you'll even learn something about this amazing city in de process.

We're proffessional

Our scavenger hunt is printed on durable paper so you'll have a lasting memory of your hunt that you can keep. You don't need a fancy phone or GPS equipment that you constantly need to charge, and forget about your lonely planet book as well! All you need is some enthusiasm and competitiveness to find all the locations needed for the hunt.

This is what we offer!




It's fun! Who doesn't love exploring? Walking around in a big city that you're not that familiar with can be pretty intimidating, but with our scavenger hunt we'll guide you through the highlights. Not only will you have to complete tasks, but while doing so you might discover some new parts of the city, meet new people or find an amazing restaurant. It's all part of the 'scavenger experience'.


Learn about this amazing city! You don't need to take a dull guided tour to see the highlights and get some inside information about it. We've got it all covered in our scavenger hunt. There are even questions about your city in the hunt, so you can test your knowledge! Bonus points if you can answer them correctly!


On a business trip on your own, and you have a free morning or afternoon to spare? Take a scavenger hunt and explore the city. Our scavenger hunts are great for couples, families or groups. They take only one morning or afternoon, so you'll have time to do other things too! Have fun with the ones you love and capture all the exciting highlights of the city.


Our scavenger hunts are easy to understand and all the highlights are within reasonable distance of each other. If you don't want to walk, you can take the subway for a short ride. Going on our scavenger hunt is a great family activity for all! Small children love to explore, teens will love taking the pictures and adults will love exploring the city in a new and family friendly way.


Our Scavenger hunts are a new and original way to explore the city. Leave the old fashioned guided tours and lonely planet books behind and explore the city yourself. We'll give you the guidelines, it's up to you to find the highlights in the scavenger hunt. And if you're lucky you'll discover some new parts of the city that you will love!


Sometimes you are so amazed by the beauty of a city, that you forget to take pictures of random little things. It's those little things that capture the vibe of an amazing city and let's you relive your time spent there when you look back. Our amazing scavenger hunt let's you do just that: capture the moments. Not only will you take pictures of the highlights, but some tasks make sure that you'll get fun and hilarious pictures that you might not have thought of on your own.


Happy Clients




Special proposal hunt


Cups of Starbucks Coffee


Make a proposal extra special with a custom made scavenger hunt!

  1. Discussion

    You tell us the goal of the custom made scavenger hunt.

  2. Idea

    We will come up with some ideas based on a custom design.

  3. Review

    You will review your card and if you have comments we will change it.

  4. Approve

    You will give your final approval and the job is done!

  5. Deliver

    We will send the card to your home or hotel address.

What our clients say:

"We wanted to do something educational, but fun! We love New York en even though we've visited the city a few times there were certain things in the scavenger hunt that we didn't know."

Paulo Dekkers

"The scavenger hunt lets you see a lot of the city in a short amount of time. Excellent if you don't have a lot of time. We had a layover in New York and decided to do the scavenger hunt."


"As a single mom i wanted my kids (5 and 13 years old) to learn more about New York while we were on our trip. My youngest loved the scavenger hunt map and felt like a real explorer. My oldest loved taking the pictures and those are awesome memories to our trip."



Standard Scavenger Hunt



Coming Soon


Standard Scavenger Hunt Part 2

Custom Made Scavenger Hunt



New York City

Standard map


The amazing scavenger hunt that started it all! Currently available in the New York edition. This version might be called 'standard' but trust us, this way of exploring the city is definitely not standard. So try it out yourself and order here. We would love to know what you think!

  • Standard scavenger hunt
  • 2-4 persons
  • Free Shipping
  • 1 card

New York City

Standard map


We now are working on a second edition of our "standard scavenger hunt".
We will keep you up to date on facebook. For more info please become our Explorer friend. facebook.com/cityexplorer

  • Coming Soon
  • 2-4 persons
  • Free Shipping
  • 1 card

Custom design
scavenger hunt

Be unique with a custom design


Do you want something that's even more special? We can customize a scavenger hunt for someone's birthday, a bachelor party or even for a proposal. Do you have any ideas? Or are you clueless what should be included in the scavenger hunt? Don't worry, our team of creative minds will help you so this custom made scavenger hunt will be awesome!

  • Proposals
  • Bachlor party
  • Unique design
  • 1 card
  • Free shipping

Be fun, do something else, become a city explorer

join us now!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question please see our FAQ, maybe your answer is already in the list. If not don’t hesitate to contact us per e-mail or facebook.

How do i pay for the scavenger hunt?

All payments are done with Paypal, this is for your and our safety.

What if i order a Custom made hunt and i don't want it anymore.

It depends on how many hours we spent on making the Custom Made hunt. The amount you pay can be 25%, 50% or 100% of the fixed price.

How long does the scavenger hunt take?

Our scavenger hunts have a duration of about 3 hours. They are ideal to do in a morning or afternoon. The best thing is: you can choose where to start, so if you are somewhere during lunch, you can start your scavenger hunt right after you’ve finished.

Is it suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! Everyone can participate. Childres, teens, adults even grandparents will love it! Our scavenger hunts are printed on durable paper, so no GPS is required. The colorful pictures will appeal to children who can’t read yet and will help them to spot the hightlights.

When do i get the card?

We will send the card to your home address or your hotel in New York City.
It will depend on where you live and the time we have to ship it out.


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